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This month's issue of NME breaks the story of the infamous Libertines' journey to their third album. Many of us fans were wondering if Pete Doherty was going to stay alive, let alone reunite with the band that started it all.
Against all the odds Pete, Carl, Gary and John reunited, for what some may call an absolute miracle of a record.
When we heard The Libertines' self-titled record our lives changed forever. As a musician, their influence has been indispensable to me and countless others. Bands like the Arctic Monkeys, the Horrors and others would not exist without the Libs.
Their gritty, chaotic garage-rock sound tipped the scales for English and American bands alike, and provided all of us soft-spoken maniacs a new messiah in co-front man Pete Doherty.
So when we heard that Pete successfully completed rehab, him and Carl buried the hatchet and Gary and John agreed to be in a room with the both of them, we were sure hell froze over.
But when they said, forever a Libertine, they weren't lying.
The Libertines reunite in Thailand, L to R: Gary Powell, Pete Doherty, Caral Barat and John Hassall

Fans and critics alike had put The Libertines in that terrible far away shelf with our favorite bands who could have had it all, but broke up instead.

Who knew a few months in Thailand could remove the dust and bring them back into the light where our favorite bands tour and make records.

The band is set to headline the famous Reading and Leeds music festival in the UK this year, as well as a host of others and their new album will come out sometime in 2015.

As a long time fan, I can't wait to hear the new material. Check out NME's feature on the new album, who the band worked with and more.

If you don't already listen to them, download Up the Bracket immediately and get acquainted, because The Libertines are about to blow up, all over again.

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