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The awesome thing about being a fan is that you've got a community of people to commiserate with when disaster strikes. Zayn leaving the band for a solo career is exactly the kind of disaster I'm talking about. Has anyone recovered yet? Maybe we never will. But at least we have fanart to remind us of the good times. That one was drawn by the amazing Kendracandraw, whose Tumblr is filled with amazing art of our favorite pop singers.
Genderawapped, coffee shop alternate universes, there's always a new take on our favorites. Kendra's artwork is the perfect antidote to 1D-related grief. It's so adorable!
Artofobsession really understands what everyone is going through. Plus, if you ship Ziall you're in luck. This fanart should be your desktop wallpaper while you're rereading some of your favorite angsty fics.
We just want them all to be happy, right? This fanartist has such a joyful style. If you feel like I do and you've forgotten what happiness is, put 'Story of My Life' on repeat and stare at this until you feel better. If all that fails, I've heard that making your own fanart can help to release some of that pent-up grief. After all, we probably have a reunion tour to look forward to!