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The happy horse J-hope
The sweet baby face Jimin
The handsome princess Jin
The evil but "innocent" Jungkook
Mr. 4D Alien V
The sweet smile Suga
The sexy brain Rapmonster
Which BTS member is your ideal type or closet to your ideal type?
Mine is V because he's very charming, goofy, funny, nice, very weird, and tall he's everything I want in a guy <333
Comment yours :)
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@passthesuga I'm guessing Suga too
2 years ago·Reply
i go with suga also ............it would be so hilarious if @passthesuga says something totally different
2 years ago·Reply
I love them all, but I'm gonna go with Jungkook! @kpopandkimchi @shashae5296 :)
2 years ago·Reply
Jimin...Suga...I don't know! I can't pick! Aaaah
2 years ago·Reply