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Pop performances have become more and more about the production and fashion, rather than about the singing. Anyone can listen to the song at home, but only a select few get to experience the show performance, with all the flashing lights and bright outfits. Here are my choices for most memorable concert performance outfits.
Taylor Swift at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Taylor might as well be one of the models with how amazing she looks in this performance outfit (she also is best friends with basically all of the Victoria's Secret angels). She classed up the lingerie look with a long, flowy overcoat type of thing. She looks absolutely stunning.
Katy Perry at the Super Bowl
This fun beach ball-inspired outfit was perfect for her performance at the Super Bowl. However, I think she was greatly overshadowed (in talent and fashion) by the lovely sharks that accompanied her onstage. It was one of the most talked about performance fashions ever.
Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards
This list would not be complete without this performance, which was memorable for so much more than the fashion. No one will forget the foam finger, the odd bear bodysuit or the nude bikini, no matter how much we want to. Thank you, Miley, thanks so much.
Lady Gaga at the Oscars
Lady Gaga has had a lot of memorable concert fashion, but this look is memorable for the fact that it is just downright beautiful. She left the meat dress and the bubble outfit at home, and went for a etherial white gown. It was absolutely stunning.
Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Grammy's
Nothing like the most famous music duo to lighten up a stage. Beyonce stunned in a sheer bodysuit with cage-like detailing. Her wet hair added just the right amount of edge and mystery to her look. Bow down, b******.
Carrie Underwood at The Grammys
This was absolutely stunning, and I wish I could have seen it in person. Projections of butterflies, stars and petals danced on Carrie's dress while she belted out her hits. What could be better?
Katy Perry at The Grammys
Katy Perry deserves to show up twice on this list, because, of course, it's Katy Perry. She slayed in her tight, futuristic jumpsuit while performing E.T. at The Grammys. It also doesn't hurt that she had real fire behind her and bright blue hair. Talk about a memorable performance!
Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards
To finish the list off with a bang, Britney Spears in her tight bikini and with her snake. I'm not sure how anyone can top this, but here's to hoping the pop stars continue trying.
What about Jennifer Lopez's white gown on American Idol? I thought it was amazing.
Left Shark all the way.
Yes that one was a great look! Jo.Lo stuns in anything she wears!
@caricakes My goal in life is to be as cool as the left shark
Which one is your favorite? Are there any that I forgot?