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When my friend first told me that Donald Trump was running for office, and not just any office, President of the United States, I thought he was joking. I actually read the tweet at 9:30AM and continued to think it was just a gag until 5:30 that night when both my parents had to sit me down and tell me that it was the truth.
And all I can think to say is What The Hell?
True, Trump represents everything that this country use to stand for. He became one of the most successful people in the entire U.S. and his net worth is 8.7 billion...a fact he did not hide during his press conference. He seems to believe that he can use his (fantastic) business skills to not only improve unemployment, but also negotiate critical foreign affairs.
And while the government has lost most of the peoples trust (they certainly lost mine), I am having some serious issues with just who gets to run for president.
Taken from Presidents USA, the requirements to run for president are as follows:
According to Article II of the Constitution, in order to be considered for the office, a presidential candidate must be at least 35 years old, a natural-born U.S. citizen, and have at least 14 years of residence in the United States.
To me this says, any U.S. citizen who is rich enough to afford to run for president can.
Does anyone else see a problem with that?
There should be more requirements before someone is allowed to run for Presidency. Being President doesn't just mean having power and a nice white house. The President's job is making sure the citizens are safe, that they have jobs, that they can survive.
Our lives are in their hands. So I prepose we change the requirements, because our past few Presidents have left a lot to be desired.
Firstly, I think someone running for office should at least have prior political experience. Yes, Trump has insane experience dealing with the politics of business, but he has no experience dealing with state wide issues involving people who don't work for him. I just find it crazy to believe someone who hasn't even held a seat in congress could be allowed to veto them in the near future.
The minimum age to run is 35, should we be more focused on the minimum years of experience? Because honestly, The Kardashians have enough money to run for office as well, and how do you think that would turn out?
Secondly, The President is the Commander and Chief. I honestly do not understand why the commander and chief is not required to first serve his country before he commands them? Men and women in the service act, think, feel and react differently then civilians. If you don't understand that, you have no right to led them.
And lastly, and I know this one is a stretch, the very rich should not be the only ones allowed to be in the running. Running for President has become who has the most money for their campaign, meanwhile their are still thousands of people out of work and homeless. Instead of spending millions of dollars on campaigning, just focus on the issues of the people.
Politics and the Presidency has become a business full of shady dealings and back room alliances, so maybe Trump does have the experience...just not the kind we want.
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