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We all love Netflix. Great content, personalized TV suggestions...and no ads. But recently, Netflix has been toying with the idea of showing advertisements during your binge-watching sessions.
Plenty of people have reacted poorly to this possibility, and I'm right there with them. Netflix's selling point is its lack of ads, so without that distinction, what sets it apart from other streaming services.
These ads would be internal, just advertising other Netflix content to viewers, which is a bit better than the incessant GEICO commercials about a rattlesnake eating your phone that Hulu plays 24/7.
While we hate the possibility of ads, the alternative might be higher subscription prices. And the end result is more money for Netflix to spend on growing its content library, so more shows and movies for us. Not a terrible thing.
79% of Netflix subscribers would say they would rather pay more for a subscription than see advertisements while they stream.
I'd have to agree. Perhaps this is because my parents are still paying for my Netflix subscription (thanks mom and dad), but it's also in part because some of the luxury of watching Netflix is doing so without the ads.
@christianmordi I agree, I think Netflix has gotten so popular that they're pretty much trying everything to see what works and what doesn't. Plus they have so many users, it's the perfect way to test new features. But, I personally like it the way it is now.
Please god no ads. I like the easy transitions we have at the moment. On a slightly related note, I see netflix posted a new show titled "Between" (which is pretty good) but they are only letting loose one episode a week. I guess they are seeing how people are going to react to it. Personally, I would rather have the option to binge watch if I please. There is so much content on the platform so why not
@shannonl5 - yeah, I'm a bit confused by the point of that as well. I'm guessing various shows would pay Netflix in order to get their ads in more people's shows or something along those lines. Either way, seems annoying.
If they'd only be showing ads for other Netflix shows it seems kind of unnecessary (not to mention annoying). They have a really complicated algorithm going so that you always have recommendations- I feel like that system works better than generalized ads ever would.