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Sad news for US fans- the BBC Sherlock manga fusion has officially been banned in the U.S. due to licensing issues. The manga, as you can see above, mirrors the original tv episodes. So while there's no new information in them (which is probably part of the licensing issues), the comic would be an excellent addition to any Sherlockian collection.
BBC Sherlock has been hugely popular in Japan- the characters have even made unauthorized cameos in other programs. But the manga adaptation is fully authorized- at least in Japan. Which means it's odd that the books can't be sold anywhere else. Could the BBC already have plans to release a similar comic? Or is this a brand management thing- maybe they don't think that the series would be taken as seriously here if there was a comic version.
While the odds of an official release are slim, fans can use Ebay and Amazon (or an international Tumblr friend) to purchase a copy from private sellers.