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My first attempt at college was almost a complete failure. I barely went to class, I didn't study, and I chain-smoked cigarettes. But, I did meet my best friend.
Let me tell you a little bit about my best friend (Jeff) and how we met.
It was winter, I was in a bus stop at the Community College we attended to hide from the snow but it was packed. As I bumped shoulders with every idiot that needed their nicotine fix, I clenched my jaw. I am Paul's irrational anger.
As I pulled out my second smoke after flicking away the first one, that's when I saw him. He walked towards the bus stop with a confident swagger. He was wearing a giant winter coat with a fur hood and sunglasses. His hood came down after the wind blew to expose a mohawk. I am Paul's rising curiosity.
"Hey kid, you got a light?" he asked me. I nodded and silently handed him a zippo lighter. As he lit his cigarette a plume of smoke left his mouth for a second before he quickly inhaled it back in. Then he said,
"It's fuckin' crowded in here. Wanna get a drink?"
I followed him into his car where we didn't speak. He turned his radio on and immediately started blasting hardcore music. As we drove to the closest coffee shop, he sang along with every word. He screamed at all the right parts and sang all the right notes. I am Paul's jealousy.
As the days went on, we stuck to each other. I don't know why it happened or when we agreed on it, but we were hanging out everyday when we were supposed to be in class. We shared packs of cigarettes over cheap coffee and cheaper beer. We'd talk about anything and everything. I am Paul's happiness.
The only thing we didn't do together was sleep.
At a certain point all of our friends wondered where we went. Friends we've had would ask one of us if we've seen the other. We'd lie and tell them we hadn't even though we planned on seeing each other the next night. I am Jeff's deception.
We spent every night watching all the movies we had on DVD. There was only one we actually cared about, Fight Club. We'd watch the movie over and over and over again. We loved every second and suddenly found ourselves relating to both Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and The Narrator (Edward Norton).
It got to the point where we'd say things like, "I'm feeling like Tyler, today" or "I'm feeling like The Narrator, tonight." After a couple of years, we weren't sure which one of us was real and which one of us was imaginary. I am Jeff's crippling confusion.
And even now, I'm unsure of where his mind ends and where mine begins. We've been friends for so long we started having the same thoughts, the same feelings, and the same mannerisms.
He's living in another state now. And I call him every night before I go to bed. I tell him how I'm trying to get my life together and he says,

"Not your life, Paul. Our life."

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Very relatable and awesome. The gospel of Fight Club....