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How cool is iKON? They are on the cover of High Cut even before their debut!
Not that I have a major iKON bias or anything (I totally do!), but they look amazing!!!
Look at them casually chilling on the couch. Of course, maknae Chanwoo's the leg stand. LOL
And then there's B.I. Look at that SMOLDER! And the cool shirt! But mostly the smolder!
Okay, B.I. is killing the hair game as usual but what's up with Bobby? That hair and face...
I'm loving everything about this shoot besides Bobby's hair. Can't wait to see the full shoot in the upcoming issue!
Where are my iKON fans at? Let's freak out together!
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He's ALRIGHT. I could tell pretty early on that he was probably the most likely one to be eliminated. I feel like I'm pretty good at sensing that in K-Pop survival shows. Except for maybe when #gun got eliminated from Monsta X's competition. @shashae5296 and I are STILL pissed.
@danidee XD I'm not sure about Bobby now.
@shashae5296 What about Bobby? lol
@poojas uh he just got so annoying for a period of time. y he has to diss every one to prove he can rap. like he tried way to hard for the spotlight.
@shashae5296 Ah, yea...I felt that too...but I feel like he's a really sweet dork in real life...if you see all his interviews and Mix and Match videos. lol