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According to Soompi:
The Bangtan Boys Episode For some time now, fans of “Running Man” have been asking for the BTS boys to appear as guests. Each of the members have funny, mischievous personalities that would mix really well with the cast of the show. I personally think a Haha and J-Hope pairing would be hilarious. As for the rest, I would pair Jimin with Song Ji Hyo, Rap Monster with Yoo Jae Suk, V with Kwangsoo, Suga with Gary, Jung Kook with Jong Kook and Jin with Ji Suk Jin.
I really want to see them on running man, I been hoping and praying for a long time now.
I love Running Man and I really like seeing idol groups on RM so this should be super fun!
omg that episode would be a DISASTER. Like I'm just trying to imagine the poor camera man trying to catch all the action lol