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Dedicated to fellow Vingler, @daniachicago, here is your Tiffany Blue themed French Macaron dessert--perfect for your wedding next year! Perfect for all the weddings that are going on out there! Here is a link to her collection that is a MUST-FOLLOW!!
Here's a fun alternative to the monochromatic look of just Tiffany Blue. Mix it up by adding other coordinating colors to keep your theme without being too thematic. You want to own your wedding. You don't want the wedding to look like it's sponsored or that it owns you.
Check out YouTube sensation, Beth Le Manach, as she dishes ALL THE SECRETS to foolproof French Macarons. Make them yourself and discover your hidden passion (and skill set) at making these succulent, but fussy desserts!
And after you've made a batch, let me know and I'll give you my Los Angeles address so you can ship me some!