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The nail salon can be a very calming environment, but there have been several occasions when the nail salon was anything but calming.

The idea is to go in with expectations and have those expectations fulfilled. Sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way for several different reasons. One reason being lack of communication and the second reason being a lack of respect.
Make sure the nail salons you're visiting have great customer service skills and be sure to reciprocate the same in return. The more respect you give, in most cases -- the better your experience. We've all had our share of bad experiences at the nail salon before, for whatever the case may have been. To ensure those bad nail salon experiences don't become a habit -- we have a few tips you might want to keep in mind for that next appointment.

Salon Tip #1: Make sure you clarify ahead of time what it is you're getting done.

Be specific. Communication is a two way street. You can't get upset if you never mentioned you didn't want your nails cut down.

Salon Tip #2: If you see that your technician is doing something you don't particularly like, say something.

Don't wait until the last minute to say something. Speak up, it will make both of your lives less complicated.

Salon Tip #3: If your nail technician initiates conversation, be polite enough to speak back.

You may not be a fan of small talk, but this person is working on your nails/eyebrows after all.

Salon Tip #4: We've all fallen victim, but do not take an hour choosing one simple nail color.

You should come to the salon with some kind of idea in your head of what color you're going for. Five minutes tops and if you happen to be indecisive, pick up more than one color and decide later on.

Salon Tip #5: No matter how much your visit to the salon totaled, be courteous and give your nail tech a tip.

You never know, they may just remember the generous tip you left when you come back to visit and hook you up.