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Hyde and Kelso are back! Well, not exactly. The actors, Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher, announced today that they will be co-starring in a Netflix original series called The Ranch.
The two, who have remained best friends since their days on That 70's Show, will play brothers in a comedy set on their family's Colorado ranch. Kutcher will play a former professional football player who returns home to the ranch to help Masterson run the family business.
The two were a major source of laughs on That 70's Show, so I can only imagine that this original series will be funny.
Now that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are married, maybe she'll guest star and there will be another Hyde, Kelso and Jackie love triangle!!!!
Netflix hasn't released any information about the show just yet, but its rumored to have a 2016 start date.
Happy dance! Happy dance! Ashton is so sexy and hilarious! Can't w8 to see him in action again. Him? A football player?! They already have me laughing!
@LauraFisher yes!!like its never ended. well that would be so much to ask but thats ok if it still shows us the 70s atmosphere ~!
wow that is an amzing news i really really loved that show even though i was very young when its on tv and im korean but i really enjoyed it ! i saw all series last year. i was very sad it ended but now this start again? one of the best news iv got ~!
Yeah @Jaydia it seems like a perfect role for him, can't wait to see it!
@hddm I know I miss this show as well! I hope the two play similar characters on this new show, that way we will always be reminded of That '70s Show.