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Or maybr you did? Either way, cosplayers have really gone all-out for some of these costumes! (Look at the way the palms glow!) Personally I don't know if I could ever imagine the Iron Man character as anyone ither than Tony Stark- unlike Captain America or Spider-Man, whose identities have both been appropriated by other characters numerous times. But these fans are making me reconsider...
First, the requisite sexy version. I love the detail on the gauntlet- the fingers look like they have a full range of motion. Her facial expression is really compelling- often details like that can make or break a photo like this.
I'm just looking at her long hair and thinking of all the potential for a Charlie's Angels type shot as she takes off the mask. The lights are probably LEDs. Not sure abiut the armor itself- I've heard of people 3D printing pieces like that and then sanding them down before they paint them.
This feels a lot like a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen alternate universe take on the character. This seems like a cool way to do this kind of cosplay if full-body armor is out of your range of experience (or budget). Plus a big flowy dress like this is gonna be way more comfortable at a convention.

Would the character work if he was a different gender?

I really love the concept behind these cosplays. I feel like Robert Downey Jr. really owns the character of Tony Stark at this point (his portrayal is definitely iconic). But seeing someone different wearing the suit might not be as jarring as I initially woild have thought.
@shannonl5 :) one more thing...i think change the costume design. because for glam girl too flat??? :)
oops! iron woman...not bad ^^
I dunno @ktkim2k would it be necessary? The suit has always been pretty utilitarian (except the bright red paint haha)
haha @ktkim2k yeah I wonder if the name of the hero would change? Maybe Ironsides?