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Pharrell upstaged by 7-year-old dancer!
Pharrell Williams, pop superstar singer of 'Happy', was upstaged by a 7-year-old at his concert in Leeds, England. The little kid Dylan showed off his impressive dance movies which got Pharrell to notice him just enough to give the kid a dance solo on the stage followed by a high five! Definitely a moment for the scrap book. But Dylan's dad fan-girled throughout the video giving it a new comedic flair. You hear 'That's my son!' a lot with an abundance of squealing and screaming.
Many people online have claimed the father to be annoying yet the father bounced back, " I got a little lost in the moment. I do feel slightly embarrassed... but it's not everyday your child gets to dance on stage with a global superstar!"


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If you're not watching this video to see the kid's dance moves, then at least watch it to listen to the kid's father turn into a fourteen year old fan girl. LOL.
P.S.- This was Dylan's first concert! What a great way to start, kid!
Because this video makes us...


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