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I watched this movie several days ago. I was really expecting this movie since Lord of The Rings was such an amazing movie. This movie is very long, of course this is only the first one, there will be more Hobbit movies. I honestly think there are some scenes that is not necessary and such a waste of time, like the scenes where Bilbo and Gollum play games, it is too many. I adore the graphics. The story was good, but at the end i think they force it too much, it s like a very predictable drama. And there is always something happens when somebody is about to get killed, yeah big surprise. You might enjoy this movie, but I think you have to watch this, so you will not get lost at the second movie. Recommended to watch? YES!
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It certainly is. I'm the only one who hasn't seen it yet. (T_T) This weekend, damn it! I think it will be torture having to wait for the next one, just like it was with LotR. :D
hobit is really everywhere lol
ooohhh i ve watched this too ... it is true that it is too long hahaha but really looking forward for the next one~ actually i thought it was only one movie
@YinofYang I just really hope that it wont take a long time for the next movie
@kangaroojoey hahahaa that was quite a big lolz statement..:P:P
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