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Seriously, they put everything out there when they get on the stage.
Comprised of old members of the rock band Pela, Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines) do everything they can to get the crowd into their performance. The video above shows them playing a Pela song titled Waiting on the Stairs.
One of the great things about this band is that while they are obviously interacting with the crowd, it almost seems like they'd have just as much fun playing the same song in their basement or practice space.
They're constantly smiling and laughing with each other while they play and that's something I rarely see when bands perform. And even when they aren't on stage they still throw it all out there for their fans.
Here they are again outside a subway station in New York City performing another Pela song titled The Trouble with River Cities. They've got a huge crowd around them but listen to what the lead singer (Billy McCarthy) says before they start playing the song, he's the "famous" one but he can't believe this is happening.
He's just excited as the people that are watching him perform and there's something about his own excitement that magnetizes me to every one of their live performances.
They don't even need to have a physical crowd in front them as motivation to put every inch of their energy into a performance.
Here they are in Seattle performing one of their early songs, Chapel Song, for KEXP's Morning Show. About halfway through the video they start playing something in the song that isn't in the recorded version of the song and it nearly tears the walls down.
Even if you don't like Augustines, I urge you to go see them live only so you can have the experience of seeing one of the greatest performances of your life.
Fun dirty rock and roll...nothing better
They just so clearly enjoy performing, I love it. Performers' emotions are contagious!
@caricakes definitely! it's so hard to not have fun at a show when the band is having just as much fun being there!