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In honor of the movie Grease's Birthday I collected a few facts about this famous pelvic-thrusting musical. That’s right folks, Sandy and Danny and the gang have been on the big screen for 37 years. Grease is the Word.

1. The producers originally were going to make the movie an animated movie.

But they decided to use real people. THANK GOODNESS, otherwise we’d have way too many Tears on Our Pillow. They made sure to animate the opening credits though.

2. Elvis turned down the role of Teen Angel. Instead it was played by Frankie Avalon in the movie.

Why Elvis why? You would’ve done fabulously as the angel of our teenage dreams. It’s cool though...Frankie Avalon did a marvelous job at convincing the lovable Frenchy to go back to High School.

3. “You’re the One that I Want” was filmed at a traveling carnival that was only in town for the day.

Portions of the carnival had to be re-created later for close-up shots, but this classic scene was worth it. Sandy comes out in her spandex black outfit and we all are sort of confused, but also super stocked she has this new confidence and Danny Zuko is all over her.

4. During the movie’s shoot, the cast reportedly chewed 100,000 pieces of bubble gum.

This actually makes a lot of sense. I’m sure John Travolta needed a lot of sugar to keep on gyrating in the dance scenes.

5. It’s the Highest-Grossing movie musical of ALL TIME.

People seemed to really enjoy the 50s musical style, the weird hairstyle, and tight pants. Let’s just say we are hopelessly devoted to our favorite movie musical. The power of this movie is ELECTRIFYING.
Totally on board with you on that one @shannonl5 Elvis is totally one of my weird crushes
hahaha I was super into this show around that time too @christianmordi! And thought Travolta did a lot of stuff in his career, this movie was probably my favorite :)
loved this musical, this really got me into that realm in middle school. Travolta has shown strong range as an actor throughout his career.. much respect to him for his role in this one. A lot of his work early in his career was on point.
Oh wow! I'm sad Elvis turned down the role, even though his replacement was amazing I can just imagine how good the number would have sounded in his sultry voice *swoon*