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So this girl is Heidi and she is a member of Chinese girl group Super Girls' (Which I swear could be a combo name btwn Girls' Generation and Super Junior, but whatever). Anywho she was and probably still getting a lot of hate from VIP's b/c of the comment she made on this post above. “He’s super nice :) Although I couldn’t take a picture with my most favourite member, I’m very happy to be able to interact with them this closely haha 😀” Honestly speaking I don't think what she said was that bad but if Seungri oppa was super sensitive to comments like this I would also be hurt on his behalf. She did eventually change it but do you guys think she should reflect more on her actions or do you think she understands how much trouble she caused?
@stevieq amen to that, it pains me to say it but the VIP fandom is also riddled with people like thar
I agree @MattK95 but I do think ppl lack common sense or decency and as much as I would hate to admit it so do VIP's
And yes I feel a little for Seungri but still it's no reason to hate on someone, spread love people not hate... and now I sound a little bit like a hippie XD
Honestly I think the VIP's are in the wrong here, if it offends you don't look at it. Making her feel like she is hated by people now is just a horrible thing to do, and not something I'd like to say a VIP is capable of doing...