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I swear I'm not crying, I just have something in both of my eyes.
A six-year-old traveller, Owen, lost his best friend the stuffed tiger Hobbes at the Tampa airport on his way to Houston. Once he arrived in Texas, his mother frantically called the airport trying to locate the tiger, and was assured it was safe in Lost and Found.
Before Owen came to rescue Hobbes, however, the tiger was given a full tour of the airport complete with a scoop of gelato and a a ride on the airport fire truck.
The whole adventure was documented for Owen so that Hobbes could share his story!
The family returned to the airport, got their luggage and car and went straight to the Airport Operations Center lobby to get Hobbes. There, AOC Manager James Parker presented Owen with Hobbes and the photo book detailing all of the tiger’s fun at the airport.
His mother cried (understandably, *sniff sniff*) when Parker showed Owen the book.
“It was very, very sweet,” Lake said. “We already told him over and over that Hobbes was on an adventure so it was nice to get back and show him that Hobbes really had been on an adventure.”“Thank you to everyone at Tampa International Airport who took such great care of Hobbes. It was such a nice surprise.”
What probably took a few hours to put together ended up creating a story that clearly touched more than just the family involved. So think about how you can make someone's day a little bit more special, even if it's just make believe.
This story almost makes me want to fly through the Tampa Airport! Almost...

Together again!