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Recently compared to The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror is a British series that focuses on modern society, specifically the impact that technology has on our world.
Each episode is different. The plot and actors vastly change, but creator Charlie Booker makes one thing clear - we should be nervous, maybe even a bit paranoid, about the future impact of technology.
Although I've only watched the first two episodes, I've already realized the series is pretty dark.
The first episode focuses less on a futuristic world and more on the current power of technology and the Internet, specifically their impact on politics, the media and public opinion.
The second takes place in a futuristic dystopia. Here, society's need for constant distraction is exacerbated and humans are constantly surrounded by entertainment, advertisements and screens, driving some insane.
Not only does the series poke fun at society's current obsession with technology, it makes real and important points about the potential danger of the obsession. While it may be exaggerated, it's an innovative attempt to warn society about the frightening future we may be creating for ourselves.
The first two seasons are available on Netflix.
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This show is off the freaking chain. It's so good. All of the episodes hit so hard.