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We're all guilty of being behind on the times. Fashion should be stylish, current and well fitting. Here's 5 ways to amp up your style and closet in June.

1. Ask yourself what the function of your wardrobe is.

Are you a working lady? Do you need professional wear? Do you engage in mostly casual events? Your wardrobe must reflect your life, so ask yourself what your wardrobe can do for you.

2. Figure out what you can get rid of.

I pretty much kept everything in high school and beyond. Just recently did I donate over 6 bags worth of old clothes to Goodwill. A great and functional wardrobe doesn't have a lot of fat on it. So slim it down to a capsule of around 30 or 40 items.

3. If your wardrobe is outdated, update!

My wardrobe was really outdated and then I just started picking up key, trendy pieces for my body type, like circle skirts, button downs and good fitting skinny jeans. Any wardrobe can be updated with as few as 3 key items. Identify those, and get rid of the versions that have gone out of style.

4. Ditch clothing 5 years or older.

Unless it is a signature piece or something designer, toss it if it dates before you started college. Keepsake things are an exception, but a small one. Nobody has time for your class T shirt, and you shouldn't either.

5. Find your style icons and inspiration

I recently started making lists of designers that I like, and want my wardrobe to emulate. A huge inspiration for me style wise is The Kooples, a British brand based on slick women's suiting paired with more casual pieces and shoes. I figured out I love menswear inspired pieces with a bit of rock and roll flare, but I also love girly silhouettes with hard embellishments. One of my icons is Kate Moss, style wise because she always looks put together but edgy enough to be individual. Once you find people and designers that speak to you, look for things similar to them. This will help you map out your own style, and work towards a more refined you!

I'm big into cleaning out my closet and dragging a bag to Good Will. Even though most of my clothes are still in great shape, if I'm not going to wear them they deserve to be in a better place (when I'm tight on cash I go to thrift stores and sell too!)
@caricakes that's a great point! Repurposing clothes is a really good way to make extra cash! And yeah, I love donating them it makes me feel good too!