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... It seems more like a nightmare. But let's get into the trailer and try to unpack some things.
Full Disclosure: I haven't seen the movie so I'm only going to be talking about the trailer.
The problem that I have with this trailer (and maybe the movie as a whole) is the emphasis on excess. The way each scene is framed puts emphasis on the idea that the way the characters are living their life is analogous to success.
There's something extremely harmful about measuring success by how much money you have and/or how much money you spend. The trailer supports this idea one hundred percent. Every beat that the trailer hits emphasizes this.
The main conflict in the trailer is how Vince (the one that acts) spends over 100 million dollars and during the edited down scene, he reacts nonchalantly. This is problematic because Vince is obviously supposed to be the "cool one" of the group (the others are the "old one", the "silly one", the "married one", and the "angry one") and as the "cool one", Vince has the most clout outside the realm of the film.
Even though the trailer isn't as "bad" as the actual movie, kids in their formative years will still see the trailer and be influenced by the actions of the characters in the movie.
My argument isn't that movie studios need to rework the way they censor trailers, it's that we need a new baseline for what American Success actually is. For most people, money and status equal success.
Success to one person is definitely different to another person. But we're constantly barraged by images of excess spending under the guise of success. I, personally, hope you don't watch this movie but millions of people probably will.
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but I want to make all the money