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HOUSTON, TX - Early Tuesday morning, NASA conducted a test of their new satellite program, the STRMKR, known colloquially as the Stormmaker. Initially designed as a method of bringing water to Mars and perpetuating a rain cycle, the project has been in development for the past five years.
The test was an overwhelming success. In fact, the test was ultimately too successful, in that is created a storm beyond the control of the program engineers. Now known as Hurricane Bill, the relentless, crushing force of the storm is pushing forwards, causing potential risk to those in its path.
NASA released a statement this morning addressing the issue at hand:
We are deeply sorry with regards to our responsibility with
creating Hurricane Bill. Due to complications during the testing
of the new STRMKR program, the data was corrupted and the
program ran outside the paramaters of our control. Our thoughts
and prayers go out to those who may be suffering due to the storm.
Families in the storm zone are encourage to remain inside and await assitance from FEMA, which is scheduled to arrive sometime next year.