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and today is the day I realize
I breathe the air of freedom like
I’m choking down my mothers cigarettes
living off the high of her money and coughing out the exact change I keep
dug deep down in my insecurities,
locked away in the safe for safe keeping
kept for the day that I am no longer safe.
For the day when my Atm cant save me from my big words
the endless hours after falling in the mud that is my dirty money
sculpted from my mothers tears; of her mistakes that I so kindly point out
while my grasping fingers grip every dollar that rushes down her face
that I say I earn. I Earned that.
welcome to your twenties where everyone is ashamed that murder
isn’t in their future
Only the fun die young.
Leave me face down in the dirt
There’s no money to clean me off this time
damn, that felt raw and real. +1