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A lot of people make the the mistake of using "bodybuilding" and "powerlifitng" interchangeably. It's an understandable mistake -- from the outside looking in, the two sports may look the same. However, their purpose and end goal are completely different from each other. Both powerlifters and bodybuilder hit the weights hard, but for different reasons.


Bodybuilders are competitors who take the stage with their impressive physique. Their purpose is to build their bodies for their respective categories. There are categories which include bikini, fitness, figure, physique, and bodybuilding. Each have their requirements and body preferences. The end goal is to sculpt your body. Strength is not the ultimate goal. Managing and monitoring diet plays a big role for bodybuilders.


Powerlifters compete for strength for 3 different lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Powerlifters do not place an importance on how their bodies look, but they do care about their strength. Diet is a component to success in powerlifting, but there is a lot more wiggle room. When I was powerlifting, I used to eat a whole chicken in one sitting, while chugging a protein shake in between bites. Mannnn those were the days.
Both powerlifting and bodybuilding have their challenges, and they are both hard. You can be a powerlifter and not be jacked, muscular. You can be a bodybuilder and not be very strong. Both powerlifting and bodybuilding are both impressive sports that take a great deal of patience, training, and dedication.