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We already know this summer is the summer of comebacks. Now it's time to add Ken to the list!
It was just announced today, June 17th, that VIXX's Ken will be releasing a solo single on June 24th (exactly 1 week from today!).
There is no information on whether or not there'll be promotions for this summer single yet. (Can we please get teaser photos?)
VIXX was rumored to make a comeback this summer and now Ken is about to drop a single...what exactly is going on?
I have no idea, but I'm excited for Ken's summer song!
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@kpopandkimchi and @jiggzy19 You guys have a week to get ready! LOL @hikaymm Ah, I didn't know about his musical before. He's on a roll! ^_^
@poojas RIGHT!!! I can do this!! @kpopandkimchi we can do this lol! FIGHTING!
OMG!!! I'm not, oh my goodness, I'm not prepared when it comes out, uuuggghhh Ken (/ω\)
@StarBabes Get ready!!! It's gonna happen in a few days! Hahaha
OMG I know! Everything is happening so fast!!! lol