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WHAT Ok so apparently there's an ongoing series written by Denny S. Bryce with monthly fanfiction recommendations. Which is surprising in and of itself (a major publication that can talk about fanfiction eithiut bejng dismissive? Score!), but today's article featuried Johnlock fics. Exclusively Johnlock fics.
The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom is at the top of the list- and it deserves to be! It's an excellent piece of writing. I think I'm still just amazed that a major publication would greenlight an article about fanfiction that features Sherlock Holmes pining after John Watson for 62,000 words. You can read the full article here.
Left by lifeonmars and Mise en Place by azriona also made the list. Now that I'm over my initial shock, I have to wonder what it must be like for the writers? Fanfiction has been anonymous for such a long time, and while it's amazing to see such talented writers getting recognition for their work, I don't know if it's welcome. Especially since this might mean even more scrutiny being placed on fic writers from people outside the community that don't understand it.