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Who knew 25 years later, that same girl who only daydreamed of such would be living out her dreams in the best city in the world.

It was 1997, in Jamaica, Queens -- seems like a century ago. I was sitting on the wooden floor of my aunt and uncles home watching the Breaking News on CNN. Princess Diana had just died and as much as I felt remorse for the loss of such a beautiful soul -- the loudest thought in my head screamed at me. I knew this city would be mine one day, someday. Only time would tell.
As years passed by, I got closer and closer to what I believed would someday be my reality. From frequent visits to internships in the city -- I was so close I could taste it. Anticipation set in and I eventually fell head over heels for a city I was in love with. A love like no other, I had never felt this way before. I ate, slept and breathed New York, if anything was meant to be -- this was it and nothing would hold me back.
After several failed attempts and heartbreaks, I realized that becoming one with such an amazing city was nothing more than a dream deferred. I had to snap out of my fairy tale complex and get a clue. Not all dreams come true at the drop of a dime. Life happens and things take time.
I put my dreams on hold and decided to live my life. When I least expected it, my love came looking for me in the form of a job. I remember being told, "don't look for love, let love find you". When I finally took advice from the wise, my dream deferred became a reality. I can't really say what's in store for the future, but I do know I'm living a dream I held onto for two decades.
That seven year old girl sitting in front of the television in Jamaica, Queens found her way back. I'm home now and I don't plan on leaving. On May 31, 2015, I finally ran into the arms of my one true love. I'm holding tight and never letting go.

"Dreams are real, all you have to do is just believe." - Ashanti

To be continued...