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This was my original hair color, and this was the first time dying my hair all over. Brown is my natural color, and i had the tips dyed orange. They faded, though.
I wanted my hair to be this color. The best way I can describe it is Cherry Coke. I didnt have money to get it professionally done, however, so I looked up a few YouTube videos.
This is the color I saw the most, so I used it. i thought my brown would make the red darker.
Pictures of the process, and also my face. My mom did my hair, basically what she did was massage it into all of my hair and part it into sections. I was super nervous.
And here's the result! It wasnt perfect, but i still really like the results! Thanks for looking!
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@PiratePower I always wanted to try red on my hair, but I have really really dark hair. I'm not sure if the color will show. What do you think? I want to avoid bleaching if possible.
@cindystran I didn't use bleach on my hair at all. just the color. I didn't wanna destroy my hair either, so I did some research and found that some colors are made for darker hair and you don't have to use bleach.
So what I'm trying to say is, you should go for the color I used if you want to get a color like mine.
@PiratePower Thanks for the info! I'll give it a try. Hopefully it works. :)
Update: If anyone is thinking of using this color and has a hair length longer or equal to mine, use more than one bottle! I just found brown in my hair, but its subtle enough so I'll let it slide.