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Fashion King Ep 15 LIVE RECAPS

All you have to do is Sit comfortably in front of your Computer, and Read My Live Recaps, Real Time with Korea! Always Refresh The page every 2 minutes, so you can access the Added description, as the Action Evolves. Please, comment & interact with me as you're reading! Tell me how you feel, share your excitement or FRUSTRATIONS too XD Its Almost time! Get Your Potato Chips! *********************************************** Youngul has seriously given up on Gayoung. Oh no...There he's facing the River, a beautiful scene, but recalling his last meeting with Jaehyuk. He has officially given up on her, in return of fair competition AND..under the condition that JAehyuk takes good care of Gayoung. Youngul goes back home, he takes out that Necklace Gayoung was crying over when they first met. Years and Years back. When tey were kids..There is definetly more to the relationship between these two then just what meets the eye. Strangely, at the same time, Gayoung is looking over all the old photos of old events held back in Youngul's time. She decides to hide them. Far from sight far from the mind, right? Next day, Youngul's office is getting all these resumes of people wanting to join his compagny. Anna comes in, yes she's now part of the compagny now. As she's talking with Gayoung, she suddenly touches his hair, fixes something? Alright ...just an excuse to touch him XD Suddenly, Gayoung's called by his aunt. She managed to reach his..Father. "What's his name?" He asked. "Don't be mad,alright? life is hard on me, and i need cash so.." She replies. It wasn't for his good that she was looking for him, but i guess it's still shacked him up a little.. Back at the place Gayoung shares with her old factory friend from Youngul, the other factory ladies are eating while Gayoung is working. They're chit chatting about Youngul, and some secrets about his past:" The reason why he's not the type to just fall for any girl, is that he's own mum left for another man when he's still young. Then to make it all worse, he had this close relative, a young girl, who supposedly passed away from some sickness. He's got Major abandonment issues". Gayoung is All Ears. Youngul & Gayoung are on a plane. Anna is on the phone speaking...French? Wow. Her Accent sounds so natural (Yuri's activity as SNSD in France is to thank hehehe). Youngul & Anna are jetsetting around the world, london, Milan..Business seems to be doing good. Everyone on both sides is working on upcoming collections, Jaehyuk as well. e checks out one of Gayoung's Dresses. He likes what she did, and gives her the warmest smile ever. *FAINT* The compagny's designers are even being scored. But Miss Jo, somehow, notices how Gayoung and Jaehyuk keep exchanging those looks..She gives her a 10 out 100! What's wrong with this old lady?! She probably wants him for her annoying daughter, that keeps follow Jaehyuk around in the compagny like a puppy >: Gayoung texts JAehyuk. They're using this cute smart phone messenger, and JAehyuk is replying via cute smileys haha. He gets excited over what she's got to tell him:" Can you please count me off the collection? I don't want to take part in it." She decides out of the blue! Jaehyuk, just ignores what she's just said, and asks her to..BUY HIM A MEAL if time allows it. What? He takes his phone out:" ok, this month is full of is next month..i think im booked for the next 10 months. WANNA GO NOW?" XD Hahaha Gayoung and Jaehyuk are off to the sea. A Beautiful sunset is awaiting them! "Im really curious about the reason why you like me, mr JAehyuk" she asks him while walking around that gorgeous beach. The're sitting one next to the other, She takes a photo with her instant camera of the sunset. Then, suddenly closes her eyes and Pray. (Koreans traditionally pray to the sun rising up in new year) JAehyuk as he watches her says:" I guess you're not praying wishing for your heart to lean towards me huh?" Aww..That was so sad. Anna & Youngul are back to Korea. As soon as they arrive, he send her off. Poor Anna had earlier tried to get him do something together when they reach korea, but he wasn't very excited about spending MORE time with her, after this long business trip when, they pretty much stayed together all the time. THAT is NOT an attitude of someone who LOVES you. Anna wake up Please! Youngul's back to his old little office. While unpacking this expensive wine bottle he brought from Europe, Gayoung's memory comes to him again. A memory of a day they were sharing cheap korean cheap alcohol, and yet were having the time of their lives. He also remembers once when She was begging for more recognition from him, and how he just coldly told her that she's not the only one going through a hard time out of love. If only i treated better back then, he thinks to himself. Anna is in his office while he's away to meet Miss Jo! Is he trying to win her over to leave Jaehyuk's compagny? Anyway, Anna, as she's looking for something, finds the necklace Youngul keeps from his past! She smiles so brightly! Why? way! Does she think he got it for her from their Euro business trip?! Meanwhile, The results are out! Gayoung Won the best design at JAehyuk's competition among his intern designers! Miss Jo play it cool. Jaehyuk, is just too happy for her! She even gets to have dinner with both the Top designer of the compagny, and jaehyuk's father himself! Also, everyone at the office, who's usually so hostile to her, is suddenly greeting her and congratulating her. Minus one person. Miss Jo. She sends her annoying daughter to tell her she wants to meet her, but suddenly Jaehyuk pops out of no where! " Wanna celebrate over a nice meal?" he says, " How about another day?" she says and goes meeting Miss Jo, without him knowing. First thing Miss Jo does, is SLAP Gayoung in the face! "Do you how many years it took me to reach this position? Do you think you can just come with your cheap skills you learned from your mum, and take away my lifetime work?" She screams at her Gayoung. GY keeps her cool, and tells her how she had nothing to do with what the compagny decides! Then leaves. GY remembers Youngul's constant warning about this Lady. MEanwhile, Youngul and his adorable factory sewers are enjoying dinner together! ''Sir, i was wondering" says one of the ladies "What's your relationship with Anna? She seems to like you? is it a shared feeling?" "NAh we're just friends! he says. "how about GAyoung, then?" He freezes for a sec, then asked them to stop fooling around. Then guess who suddenly comes out of no where, GAYOUNG! The ladies wanted to celebrate all together, not know the tension between the 2!She decides to just go back on her way, but he stops her and says it doesn't have to be that way. Later that night, after seeing Gayoung again, and hears about she's now the main designer for Jaehyuk, he calls the American compagny that suggested him to own half the share, and he accepts! He's now Co-owning a big fashion related compagny! Nothing to fear Jaehyuk for now! He meets him on the elevator the next day. JAehyuk is dying of jealousy at the sight of Youngul getting on his own private car with his own driver. Youngul is definelty one To look out For! Anna meets Youngul at his office. He's got a gift for her. She gets excited thinking it's that beautiful necklace?bracelet? she found in his drawer accidently the other day. She opens the box, It's..NOT what she's been expecting XD Youngul leaves for another business trip. Guess who's also sent for the same thing, Same destination, Same plane? GAYOUNG! YES! Both Gayoung and Youngul are Sitting one near the Other! What a Surprise! ******************************************** END Ep 14:
thanks for the recap...its seems getting more exciting...
Thank you!!! OMG i cant wait to see how adorable jaehyuk was acting around hehehe
Thank you ! Will watch the show when it's out tmrw, Thank you & Goodnight !
thank you..
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