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When you spend a good amount of time out in the sun, you'll notice overtime your hair naturally gets lighter. This is the result of oxidation. Basically, due to free radicals your hair shaft was damaged therefore could not retain its natural pigment. This makes your hair prone to dry split ends. So, it's important to protect your mane.
Are you ready to combat the sun?

1. Hydrate your hair.

The harmful sun ray can break down the hair's protein (keratin). Keeping your hair well moisturized will minimize damage and brittle strands. What I love to do is do a leave-in treatment once a week or simply apply coconut oil from ends to roots.

2. Wear SPF for your strands.

whether you're going to the beach, work, or just running errands - UV protection is vital to prevent oxidation. There are few hairspray out there that contain SPF, but I like mixing my own. It's cheaper.
Homemade Sun Protection Hairspray: Combine 3 teaspoon of sunscreen (SPF of 25) and 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake before use.

3. Always use heat protectant.

If you use heat styling tools make sure your strands are protected. You don't want to fry them! Avoid using peroxide, alcohol and lemon based products which will cause your strands to dry out at a much faster rate and trigger or aid in the oxidation of your strands at higher levels.

4. Put your hat on!

If you plan to stay at the beach for the whole day wide-brim hats can provide a full coverage of protection. There's nothing to loose and they look freakin' adorable.
@maymay75 I'm also curoius about that.
How long will the homemade SPF hairspray last?