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Professor X is a mutant who possesses vast telepathic powers, and is among the strongest and most powerful Earth-born telepaths in the Marvel Universe. Telepathy: Xavier can read the minds of others within a 250 mile radius. Telepathic Illusion: the ability to cause others to see or experience events which are not actually occurring. Telepathic Cloak: the ability to hide one's presence from others by making oneself invisible by clouding the minds of others. Psi Link: Xavier can create psychic links with others. Telepathic Camouflage: Xavier can make others see him as someone else by manipulating and controlling the minds of others to make them see him with another appearance. Mind Blast: Xavier is able to place massive amounts of information inside the mind of others to cause extreme mental pain on them. Mind Control: Xavier can also manipulate the minds of others. Mind Possession: the ability to possess the minds of others, controlling someone's mind for oneself. Mind Alteration: the ability to alter the minds of others. Mental Amnesia: Xavier can cause people to forget certain memories. He can cause large groups of people to forget things. Psionic Shield: the ability to erect a shield that is used to protect one's mind. Psionic Blasts: the ability to emit blasts of psionic energy which don't harm its victims physically but mentally instead. Astral Projection: the ability to control one's astral self. Mental Detection: Xavier can detect nearby mutants. Mind Transferral: If Xavier were to die, he could transfer his mind and powers to a host body. Information Absorption: He is able to quickly absorb and store information. Rudimentary Telekinesis: He possesses minor telekinetic abilities; able to move, control and manipulate inanimate objects telekinetically. He is in all the X-Men Movies and was played by Patrick Stewart in all movies except X-Men: The First Class which was played by James McAvoy and Laurence Belcher (young).
i want only Logan...:D
oohh imagination ... Einstein said it is very powerful lol
i know... jean for me too.. charles and storm second!
Jean/Dark Phoenix is the strongest, right ? She even killed Charles T.T
For me Charles for sure..:))
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