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So a couple of you have guessed that my first drama was Coffee Prince. And this drama is literally like a first love that you will never forget. I can relate to it on some level and I think it had an overall great cast (hint: Gong Yoo).
So for the cast, I think everyone portrayed their characters very well. I was sold buy every characters charm. Go Eun Chan's tomboyish personality is something I grew up with. (Even though I am not as strong). Choi Han Sung's easy, laid back (and secretly stress out) personality Han Yoo Joo's pretending to be strong and relying on the love the 2 cousins had for her even if she knew it was damaging their relationship a little. Hwang Min Yeop's loyal puppy attitude. I literally love this character the most and watched it just to see what he would do next. Jin Ha Rim's bright and bubbly personality. I swear if he was sad I was sad too. It didn't matter what anyone else was feeling. Roh Sun Ki, the Japanese pancake maker with the most delicious pancakes and equally delicious and endearing eye glares. That is just some of my top favorite characters (excluding the male lead since I can't relate to being a rich chaebol lol).
One of my fav scenes. Don't you just love that face smush lol.
Lol all the unnecessary pampering Eun Chan got.
Haven't you ever wished to sit side by door by side with your loved one. I seriously wanted to try a similar scene with only a door btwn us.
Just Gong Yoo oppa ^•*
This is another scene I want to do with someone I love. Brushing our teeth while joking around. What were some of your favorite scenes?
@stevieq I think BOF is a pretty good drama! It gives the viewer all the emotions that are pretty typical in k-dramas. I'll be honest, it's not in my top list of my favorite k-dramas, but it's definitely worth finishing in my opnion! :)
@LinnyOk lol I never finished boys over flowers but I will check out princess hours
I really liked the scene where she was drawing in the cafe. They were so cute!!! ^_^
This is one of fav dramas. I love how everyone in the beginning confused her for a boy.
Honestly this drama is a kdrama fan must. It was exceptional and really is like that first love you will never forget.
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