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For some of us staying motivated to exercise is like trying to get a child's attention. A lot of things can throw you off your exercising mood - forgetting headphones, a subpar sports bra and so on. But, one thing for sure, your tresses do not have to be on that list. Because you'll never use a bad hair day as an excuse to not be active. Below are three hairstyle to get you through each of your summer workouts.

For Running - Sectioned Ponytail

Hair flying on your face is the worst for runners! The best solution wear a sectioned ponytail to keep it in place.
1. Gather hair into a ponytail.
2. Every inch or so, tie on another elastic until you reach the end of your hair.
3. Lightly pull the section apart to give it more volume.

For Yoga - Rope Braid

Stick to your yoga principle and keep things simple. A braid is the perfect style for this workout.
1. Gather your hair to one side and split it into two section.
2. Twist the two section in counter-clockwise direction.
3. As you twist, bring the back section over the front, and repeat this until you’ve finished the braid.

For Bike Ride - Low Crisscrossed Ponytail

This is cute hairstyle that looks great under a helmet and not too shabby for a bike riding date.
1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail, leaving the long pieces from your ears forward loose.
2. Take a small section from the right, pull it over the ponytail and pin it to the left side of your head.
3. Repeat until all the hair from the front section is pinned.
4. Gather the loose ends from the crisscrossing pieces and put an elastic around the pony and loose pieces.
A lot of girls in my pilates class wear braids or buns and I didn't want to wear the same hair as every other girl. I think I'll be stealing the rope braid hairstyle!
That's a neat trick! Why haven't I thought of sectioning my ponytail. I'll be wearing this to the gym in a bit!
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