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So this playlist was made to remind you: 1. Even if you’re tired, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch. Then you’ll sleep better later at night. 2. Music can be your home when things are hard. 3. Always do just what you feel. Always be free but have sense and mind your manners too. 4. Sometimes the thing that is missing  in your pictures of a perfect life isn’t a background but a satisfied smile on your face. 5. Your Prince Charming will come for you one day. 6.......it's okay to miss Tao (╥_╥) 7. You’re so pretty, do you know? 8. You're somebody's "one that got away" and if you're not right now....you will be. Take pride in that and laugh at the dummy who let you go. 9. You're beautiful.....in case you still don't know. Buttttt BTS probably still has nicer legs than you. xx
Zion T__Eat
Jay Park ft Gray__Evolution
Wutan ft Gray__Lucid Dream
Nu'est__Climax This live version is everythinggggg. Baekho<3 Minhyun<3 I said I couldnt pick but this is my fave track off Re:Birth @Jiggzy19!
EXO__First Love (Chinese version) I miss Tao....like for real....゚(゚ノД`゚)゚
Shinee__Love Sick Onew's where it's at. Just saying.
VIXX__Only U I just dig the outfits in this MV.....They look so dapper (๑^ں^๑) And lastly, BTS__Beautiful I found this dance practice version today.... Where the heck have I been?? Jiminnie tho ‾︶‾ and honestly boys you put most girl's legs to shame....cover up.
Thanks for all those reminders! I needed them! (Especially the part about BTS having nicer legs LOL)
@jiggzy19 now you see why it's my favorite track off the album <(‾︶‾)> lol @MattK95 oh you know I got nothing better to do than live my life thru music ( の •̀ ∀-)و
@PassTheSuga love this! thanks for making this awesome playlist ^^
@jiggzy19 what you hafta do when you listen to Climax is picture Nu'est running to you....like full on sprinting in the rain and when they get to you they give you a..... friendship bracelet and you all fly away on winged unicorns...but you don't go far bc of air traffic control and international flight laws and they have you home before midnight bc they're good boys like that and they don't want you to get in trouble.
Love the songs especially that GIF. haha. Gives me the feels right away. haha .
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