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I might be a little-more-than-excited about the new Kingdom Hearts trailer. Like so excited I can't put it into proper sentences excited. And so I've been thinking about doing some sort of KH cosplay! Which led me to thinking about weapons and keyblades and here we are. These are some of the coolest keyblades I've seen. I don't even know where I'd begin crafting one!!!
Above: Keyblade Master Aqua
"It's made out of a square wooden dowel, insulation foam, and craft foam. I took lots of progress photos, so I might make a WIP tutorial later."
I couldn't find who these two are, but they're actually fighting with the two keyblades and that. is. AWESOME!
This is the Oblivion Keyblade (and is accompanied by instructions on how to make it!)
Xion cosplayer with a pretty awesome keyblade...that's not a sham!!!
Boy, do I want a keyblade or what.
The details on the keyblade made by the Xion cosplayer are incredible!
@shannonl5 I know!!! I always wonder if they made them by hand or bought them...I have a feeling most of these were made bc they look really unique
@vulpix I'm so amazed by how crazy people can be. I'm super envious I wouldn't know where to begin making something like this.
@shannonl5 Me either. if its a prop that looks like something i own ok i can work with that but these are so out there