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*cue my freaking out*
Oh my god. OH MY GODD!! It's coming!! Finally, we can see a gameplay trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3!! We heart at EA in 2013 that KH3 would happen, and now in 2015 we are getting a gameplay trailer....and still no release date. I'll forgive them, but only because I'm still super pumped for another game in this series!
Things of note:
- Is that Mount Olympus? I hope that's Mount Olympus.
- Is that Tangled-land? I sure hope that's Tangled-land.
- Is this is a flash back to when Xehanort and Eraqus were kids and they were being trained to be masters? And they were friends? I think we knew that but I'm so excited for more!! So this is where the voices from last years EA...with just the voices in the 2.5Remix trailer, now we get the visuals, too!
Anyways, I'm stoked. I just want a release date so I know for how long I need to be stoked.
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Ah! I want it! I loved the Kingdom Hearts games. 😊 I hope it comes out soon.