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This is Gus Benevolent singing "This Song Has Been Brought To You by a Falling Bomb" - Thursday. At the end of the song, there is a surprise. Check it out , Thursday fans!!
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@GusBenevolent Ah, I see! I listen to a lot of K-pop groups and independent artists as well. I'm a big fan of music by YG groups...Big Bang, iKON, AKMU etc. But I also like stuff by artists like K.Will.
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@poojas Haha.. I don't even know who iKON is. Sorry I don't follow the K-pop scene. BUT!!! I like AKMU especially Soo Hyun. She's adorable. Do you know TOY? You should check out "Goodbye Sun Goodbye Moon" featuring Soo Hyun. One of my favorites!!
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@GusBenevolent I really like AKMU. They are both cute and awesome! And I've never heard of TOY but I really like the song. Soo Hyun's voice is wonderful as usual. ^_^
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@GusBenevolent Thanks! ^^
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