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Photographer Dean Mullin via 500px This is a fantastic shot - color, lighting, the clouds in the sky - I especially love the reflection.
@YinofYang You have to post it, I would love to see your photos! I do plan on travelling but now I am thinking of travelling around Asia. Have you done any travelling yourself? I like the feeling of experiencing new cultures and understanding them. So I don't think I will ever stop travelling anytime soon hehe :))
@ellieh I actually did a photo shoot there, so I should post the pictures. I'm terrible about that. Wow, you did? That's really cool. You must have had such a wonderful time. Yeah, I have a good friend in the UK, always telling me about his European travels. :D Do you plan on traveling more?
@YinofYang Hahaha... yeah. Really, I didn't know about that, I have to look into it. I actually studied in the UK for about 4 years so I had plenty of time to travel. UK is like a gateway for me to visit other European countries haha.
@ellieh Hahahaha! I totally forgot that you already told me where you are from. Ignore my question on the other card. USA has some that are pretty neat. There is this huge Hindu temple here that is an amazing work of art. Religious buildings are usually very beautiful.
@YinofYang Thanks! I am sure you have a lot of amazing structures in your country as well... :)
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