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It's every couples worst fear and every jealous bitches dream come true. Long distance relationships are known to end dramatically or worse, just fizzle out into the limbo that becomes, "what are we"?
Long distance is a relationshit. You become way to attached to your phone, the drunk FaceTimes are a necessity, and when a hot girls who he works with tweets at him you instantly feel that gut wrenching punch wondering if threes something going on.
It's not your fault. We have been conditioned to believe that long distance is the relationship killer.
But that does not mean that long distance relationships are not worth it or even doomed to fail. There are simple things you can do to keep your relationship just as loving as before, no matter how much distance is between you.
1. Make sure it is what you want
Before anyone goes anywhere you both need to have an honest discussion about what each person wants. It doesn't matter how long you have been together, I know people who have ended 5 year relationships due to distance and then others who stayed happily together after only 6 months. Time together doesn't matter so much as both of you wanting to stay together.
As long as BOTH of you are committed and willing to try, then you have a good chance of working out. This discussion is not the time to agree just because you want to avoid awkwardness.
2. You must be willing to communicate!
Now that you guys are separated you can't rely on tone of voice or facial expressions. Lets be real, most of the time you will be texting. If something is bothering you, even if it is something small (especially if it is something small) say something! Its going to be hard to get into a routine the first few weeks, so if you think you need to make more time to FaceTime, or you worry they aren't putting in enough effort to talk, speak up!
Any situation can be easily sorted out if you just say something.
3. Write Letters!
And I mean actual handwritten, mushy, love notes. Well they don't have to be mushy, but they should be hand written and mailed. It makes whatever is in the letter so much more important because they took the time to write it out. If you go someplace new, buy a silly post card from each city, even if its not far away, just to show that you were thinking of them.
Its the little things that are going to keep the relationship alive.
4. Surprises and Care Packages!
Save up your money and plan a surprise visit, or if that is impossible, save up your money to send them a cute little gift. Like letters, small gifts and surprises will keep the spark going and show your person that you still care and know them better then anyone.
Load up a box with their favorite candy and movie and when they get the package watch it together over Skype. Just because you are far away doesn't mean you can't still do little things together.
5. Sex stuff
See #2. Open communication is key. Get creative but don't do anything you feel uncomfortable doing.
Thats pretty much all the advice I can give you on that topic.
Long distance totally sucks. But that doesn't mean your entire relationship has to suck too. Just try to make time for them and make sure they feel loved and you will be fine.
But make sure you don't spend all your time on someone who's away and neglect your friends who are with you. Juggling a bae and friends in long distance is the same as juggling a bae when he's around. Sometimes your friend will want your full attention so eyes off the phone. They will be there to help you out and cheer you up!! It's their job!
But if you have a friend that is cynical about long distance, I wouldn't go to them for advice. Stay positive and you'll have a better chance of staying together!
I'm pretty sure it's all about being willing to make the effort. In high school my boyfriend moved to the other side of the country for college and even though I missed him, the constant calling and texting was DRAINING. But then you also don't want to be the girl that dumped a guy over the phone...which I had to be rather than string it along unhappily until Christmas break. Relationshit is right.
@caricakes ugh i totally get what you mean!! the phone calls and stuff just start to eat away at your fun time! hopefully he didn't take the news to badly!