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"Imagine there's no countries..."

Lady Gaga brought the house down at the European Games Opening Ceremonies. She walked on the stage in a flowing white gown with platinum blonde hair. She then sat behind a flowery piano which began her performance that made the entire crowd at Azerbaijan's Baku Olympic Stadium in shock at how perfect it was. And listen for yourself, it was truly fantastic!
"The 2015 European Games began on June 12th and will end on the 28th. During the event, 6,000 athletes from the continent will compete in 20 total sports, including cycling, badminton, table tennis, beach soccer and archery." -ET Online

Here's the recording of the performance.

"I had such a great time with the audience. It felt like we were in my bedroom singing songs and imagine life was more simple."
Some pictures from her performance. Many believe that her final few bars were hints or exact copies of a melody that she will be using in an upcoming song. She has done it before switching up melodies and exchanging out words to publicize her music indirectly.
Lady Gaga, You did not disappoint.
She Instagrammed before the performance, " What an honor to have a few moments with the world watching. Could you imagine? What would you do?"