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This Sunday, June 21st, is Father's Day here in the States - a day for reflecting on Dad and spoiling him with food, presents, and some serious bonding time. To commemorate this special day, I've written a poem to all the embarrassing dads out there. If you've got an embarrassing dad, I'm sure you'll be able to relate!

F is for the food you burn while cooking in the kitchen,

And A is for your teenage afro, which - in hindsight - was pretty bitchin'.

T is for the terror you strike in the hearts of all our boyfriends,

And H is for the hamburgers (because we know how much you love them).

E is for everything you 'fix' with tape, glue, and rubber bands,

And R is for the remote control that never leaves your hands.

You might be an embarrassing guy, from which we'd rather hide.

But thank you, Dad, for raising us. We'll never leave your side!

If you liked this poem, share it with the dad, step-dad, or father figure that has impacted your life this Father's Day. (And if you're a dad reading this, have the happiest Father's Day ever. Just stop with all the fart jokes, okay?)
my dad would wear the hell out of that weiner shirt
I can not get over the pictures !!!! hahaha my weiner does tricks is took funny/disturbing/scaring for life
...My dad makes way too many fart jokes...It’s the worst/best thing.
This is awesome lol
@danidee this is hilarious!
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