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Lily Donaldson gave us good outfit inspiration for a grey summer day (like today on the East Coast) with this look she wore in Paris recently. The casual but put-together ensemble is an easy look to put together on a crisp day, and I'll show you how below!
Start with the denim mini skirt.
The most current way to wear a denim mini is in the form of a high-waisted A-line that buttons up the front. It's a subtle nod to the 70's and a change of pace from the cutoff, low rise, hip-hugging minis of the early 2000's. Find a skirt like Lily's here, here, or here!
Next is the crewneck sweater.
A lightweight sweater is a must-have for summer. These colder days must be handled accordingly, and a sweater tucked into a mini or shorts is the most summer-appropriate way to handle them. Lily's is a heather grey-meets-blue, to mimic the shade of the skirt but not match it. Find a similar sweater here or here.
Now for the trench coat.
A good trench coat is a wardrobe staple and great for colder spring and summer days when it rains but you don't want the weight of heavier coat. Lily's is longer than most, hitting mid-calf, and in a lightweight fabric that drapes. The length contrasts well with the bareness of her legs under the mini skirt. Find similar options here, here, and here.
Ankle booties give the look more polish.
Lily's ankle booties keep her feet safe from the rain while dressing up the denim. Hers cover the whole ankle and have a bit of a heel, but flat booties will work just as well if you aren't into the height. Find great options here, here, and here.
The furry bag finishes the look and makes it ten times more fun!
Lily's chain-link furry bag is the statement piece that tops the outfit, making the trench look younger and the whole look fresher. Find similarly crazy fluffy bags here and here.
@caricakes I know, I'm about to run out and get one
I am so obsessed with the front buttoned denim skirts and hers is perfect.