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The fitness industry is always coming up with new, fast ways to lose weight. If it’s not in a diet pill, it’s in a fad diet. Losing weight is not easy, and when someone tells you there’s a shortcut, run away from them. Run fast, hard, and maybe for interval hill sprints.
It’s pretty exhausting running into all of these diets fads. I know first-hand that they don’t work. And having some background in fitness and health, I can't help but roll my eyes at another,

“Get Abs In 7 Days!”

When I work out with my best friend who is a competitive bodybuilder, I see how hard she hard she works. 1 hour at the gym is a joke, and so are sit-ups. She works hard and when she wanted to say “I can't do this anymore,” she shook that thought, and pushed her limits by doing another round.

In a perfect world, fitness shortcuts will lead us to powerful bodies.

But in this world, you need to push the limits.

If you’re not sweating, kinda-hurting, pushing your physical “limits,” you’ll get no where, my friend. If 20-minute jog feels okay, move your ass into interval hill sprints. If squatting 20lbs feels nice, bump that weight to 40lbs.
By the way, you're not going go see major weight-loss results in 3 days. Sorry.

Work Hard. Have Patience.

I need that Abenhancer thing it looks like it works wow Of course I'm kidding and who are we kidding THIS IS HARD and it's why athletes are revered and praised. BECAUSE they pushed those limits BECAUSE they never gave up BECAUSE when they were falling they did a front flip and kept on going (ok maybe not literally) it's a hard journey and there is no shortcut no safe shortcut. Let's stay healthy and safe and aim for that awesome bod!!!
fad diets are for fools this much is true. reducing the amount of food you eat and working out until you are gross, sweaty, n tired is the way to loose the weight. I just had a baby a few months back and trust me when I say I have almost always been round. But even with my emotional weaknesses and physical drawbacks I can work towards better health.
Yes completely right
this was funny!!!
Hahahaha soo true!