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Yes, you read that headline correctly. The 11th annual toilet paper wedding dress competition took place yesterday in New York City. Designers took that same material that you wipe your butt with and turned it into couture fashion. I hope they used the good two-ply or three-ply toilet paper of else those models probably had rashes after wearing the dresses.
The designers could only use toilet paper, glue, tape and a needle and thread to make their gowns. The event was sponsored by Cheap Chic Weddings and none other than Charmin toilet paper. The event was held at Kleinfield Bridal's, the same store where "Say Yes to the Dress" takes place. The dresses pictured above are the second and third place winners.
Here comes the bride... in toilet paper. This was the winning dress, designed and made by Donna Pope Vincler. Vincler was awarded $10,000 and her dress will be turned into a ready-to-wear gown and will be sold to consumers. How is that made out of toilet paper?!?
Here is a video roundup of the top ten designs at the contest.
So the next time you are sitting on the John, think about your toilet paper wedding dress design, and you could be on your way to winning $10,000.
I'm actually super impressed. I think @marshalledgar needs to take a look at this.
@RebeccaOwen haha oh my gosh you are so right! I didn't even think about that! haha
That is sooo talented! Just have to make sure it doesn't rain that day!
@marshalledgar I totally would as long as it felt okay and wasn't scratchy!
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