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Last Friday my friend and I went to see World Beat Vinari. It is similar to Nanta in a way. The location was at Namsan Traditional Theater. I had never been there before but it was quite close to Chungmuro station. Maybe less than 1 minute walk from the exit. The theater was really new and constructed in hanok style (Korean traditional house). I wanted to take photos of the theater but I was running late so didn't have enough time. I missed the first 30' of the performance so when I came in they were playing a combination of flute, the gayageum (a 13-string musical instrument) and drum. We sat quite close to the stage and the theater was small and cozy. I especially love the sound of the gayageum. It was very clear and quite refreshing to the ears. Each performer can play at least 2-3 instruments including drum, flutes and of course they can dance very well too. Even though it's traditional music, all the performers are very young. The part I like the best about them beside their musical skills is that they always smile and look like they really enjoy playing the music. And the audience was as enthusiastic as the performers who give strong applause and cheers for each performance session. Photography was not allowed during the performance but toward the end they let us have a photo time session. It was fun how the performers make the audience become involved in the performance as well it did not stop there. The best part that I absolutely love about Vinari show is that they just didn't let us leave the theater normally but the performers still play the drum and dance as they have us put our hands on each other's shoulder and walk outside which I haven't done since I was a little kid. So in the yard of Namsan Traditional Theater, under the beautiful moonlight, all of us danced and sang (more like screaming) with the performer as they play the drum. It was so lively and so much fun like a festival. The performers were sweating profusely but they never stopped smiling. One of the guys took off his shirt which made several girls screamed in excitement (including me). Everyone kept saying encore several times. Anyone could feel the whole place was filled with joy, laughter, and excitement. Everyone danced to the beats of the drum. Myoung Wook, the coolest guy who played flute and drum aka the guy who took off his shirt, even pulled my hand to the middle of the circle where everyone was dancing. The atmosphere was much like a club but I think it was much much better than clubbing. Everyone was given free drink which was a soda (?) bottle. I'm not sure what kind of drink it was as I didn't drink it. It was such a memorable and awesome night. I think it's better than Nanta even. Tickets sponsored by K-Pop Supporters of Korea Tourism Organization You can book the ticket online in English on Interpark website here It costs 30,000 won. They perform from now until May 13th. The main website in Korean is
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I did! it was really fun, you should totally check it out!! great way to relieve stress!
it seems that you really enjoy the performance!!