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It's a rarity to ever find a picture with Taylor Swift's belly button in it. For the longest time, people believed that Swift didn't have one at all. She is so accustomed to her high wasted shorts that it was unnecessary for the public to know if she had one or not. So Swift took that to her advantage and kept it hidden for what seemed like....FOREVER. But now we have a picture of Swift mocking herself and it's glorious because there's this invention called Photoshop to make up a new mystery stomach navel. Ew... I hate the word 'navel'.

She's an innie!

Here's the original of the famous belly button.

But really guys, what's so cool about a belly button?

Reddit photoshopped pictures, duh.

Taylor's got a blank space, baby.

I don't even know what that thing is in the picture...
I just spit my tea all over my laptop thanks to that blank space reference HAHAHA
@caricakes My apologies for possible laptop damage ;) haha but i'm glad you enjoyed it
@richardtoth I know, I know. It definitely is odd news however there's been a ton of references to it over Swift's career. For some reason the fans are obsessed with her belly button. It's kind of like an inside joke which i think is why it's been such a big news story.
Who cares about her belly button!? This is entertainment news? Really!?