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I hope we never get over how epically cool Furiosa is, especially if it means we get to see amazing cosplays like this! When I first saw the arm piece, I thought it must have taken months- but it actually only took a couple of days! Better yet, the designer Jack was kind enough to tell us how it was done.
First, they tried Worbla, but the pieces weren't flexible enough and it was too difficult to get the fake prosthetic on and off.
"Jack then switched to foam, carving out individual pieces and gluing them together to form a glove... The three remaining pieces of the prosthetic were crafted from Worbla and found materials, including pen casings, aluminum tubing, wire, and belts."
That sounds a lot like the process the character would have gone through to create the arm in the first place! I bet if someone were to try making a more intricate replica, the wires could be used as more than decorative additions. It seemed like in the movie they were connected to a power source or a motor. I'll probably have to watch it again to get more ideas.
“All of these pieces then had to be primed with three to five layers of wood glue, primed black, sprayed silver, and then aged with acrylic paint to give them a worn-metal effect,” Jack explained.
That's probably how they were able to get such a uniform look from so many different individual pieces. I like the idea of using foam to get full articulation from the piece, I wonder what else you could use?
That's an AMAZING replica for three days worth of work. I love the idea of using found objects to recreate the arm- it captures the cobbled-together aesthetic of the film in a beautiful, creative way.
Yeah @vulpix it really feels like it captured the tone of the movie. Very cobbled-together and rough. I love the creative solutions they found for crafting the prosthetic!
I like the almost thrown together look as well, it suits the feel of the whole outfit