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*Screams* Not another broken nail!

When you have to carry a nail clipper with you in your purse, that's when you know the struggle is real. The only thing worst than thin, brittle nails that snag on every single thing is having thin, brittle nails that snag on everything. If you have this issue, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
When putting your hair in a ponytail or buttoning up your shirt results in your nails splitting down the middle then you have a serious issue. As hard as it may seem to grow strong, healthy nails -- it's actually fairly easy and consumer friendly. If you're looking for a quick fix for those annoying nails of yours, allow me to hip you to some nail facts that include a few familiar items you problem have chill'n in your kitchen.

Coconut Oil:

The all purpose oil we all love. Yes, coconut oil promotes nail growth. Massage your hands and nails with raw coconut oil daily and allow the coconut oil to work its magic. Not only will your nails become strong and healthy, but they will smell super yummy.

Orange Juice:

Your mornings just got a little better. Vitamin C produces collagen needed to promote nail growth and will keep your nails healthy all at the same time. Unfortunately, you won't be drinking the OJ, but you will be soaking your nails for ten minutes as frequently as you'd like. I mean who doesn't love orange juice scented nails?

Olive Oil:

Similar to coconut oil, olive oil also promotes healthy nail growth and circulation. Apply the oil to your nails before bed and in due time your damaged, split nails will be stronger and healthier than ever before.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the olive oil isn't pleasant smelling like the coconut all, but nonetheless.


No, we aren't making lemonade, but lemons happen to be a key ingredient to repairing damaged nails. Slice a lemon in half and rub on your nails for five minutes daily. Fairly easy, right?